Friday, August 10, 2012

Arenophile Kitteh

Zayna checks out some sand samples.

Zayna also appreciates the box in which the sand samples were sent.
Several weeks ago, my friends Ray and Katie sent my husband and I a belated wedding gift. Katie is a long-time arenophile, which is a sand collector (literally a "sand lover"). Katie and Ray generously put together and arenophile starter kit with some beautiful sands from Utah, California, Florida, and Hawaii. My favorite sand is the green olivine sand from the big island of Hawai'i.

Jackie and I absolutely love this gift, and we've decided to start our own sand collection. We've already collected some sand from Prince William Sound, Alaska and Nome, Alaska (we'll try to send Katie some small samples, too!). Zayna also loves the sand... and also the box in which the sand was sent. Zayna ALWAYS loves boxes that come in the mail. 

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  1. Oh how cool!

    Weddings and sand seems to be a thing of late: Mix the sands of each other's home regions as part of the ceremony. Nuptials and sand