Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Progression of a Night of Thesis Writing

So, I'm finishing up my PhD thesis, which means I'm working most evenings to put in a few extra hours. My cat Zayna sometimes "helps", and I think this pretty much sums up how an evening of thesis writing goes:

We start out very strong and focused:
"Principles of Isotope Geology" is an important and useful book. I will read it to help with my thesis calculations.
 Then things become a bit challenging:
Isotope equations make brain no work no more crazzeeee.
 Finally, we fall asleep, ususally around 2am or so:


  1. ZOMG LOL. So helpful, aren't they just? And they always know precisely which book you need the most.

    Good luck with thesis writing despite all the "help"!

  2. This is hilarious. Best of luck with the thesis.

  3. At least when you need a break there's a handy source of amusement.

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  6. Zayna looks adorable! I think she is the one who are working more on the thesis rather that you, haha! And she really accompany with your thesis writing until 2am in the midnight. Anyway, did you successfully defend your thesis?

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