Monday, October 17, 2011

Geologist Cat Sleeps Among the Samples

Misha with hand samples. From left to light: foreground: garnet mica schist from drumlin behind house, rhyolite from roadcut in northern Nevada. Mid-ground: vug from roadcut on Doherty Ridge in Oregon, vug from Olympic Mountains, Washington. Background: obsidian cobble, Misha.
Seattle's getting a rare dose of sunshine. In the summertime, Misha likes to sleep in the porch with my hand samples. Sunlight doesn't hit the porch much in fall and winter, so I brought some samples in for her. She approves.

When I went back later,  she was sleeping on them:

My kitteh surely does love her rocks.


  1. Wonder what her classification system is? Let's see, possible distinctions relevant to a feline:

    - Can/cannot be slept on

    - Can/can't see fur when I shed on it

    - Moves/doesn't move if I push it

    Enough criteria for eight classes, assuming none of them are edible.